Animated Gif

Gif – Graphic Interchange Format: just supports 8 bit color i.e max of 256 RGB colors, therefore it is not good to use as photographic image. However, a lot of artists use this platform to make interesting web images and artworks. It is widely use on web platform.

Born in 1987: The animated Gif art, collective works!

Animated GIF

Interview here:

See some of the interesting stuff here:
I am not an artist

My favorite one: |

Another designer – davidope
happy birthday today and tomorrow

Happy birthday today and tomorrow

Those are all animated here:

Animated gif

by Kim Asendorf, see the link here:

Animated Gif as a medium, high art by Rachel Ponders

Ignite_Eyeo2012 – 11 Rachel from Eyeo Festival on Vimeo.

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September 24, 2010