jsut code: installation and setup

Thinking on how to display the digital archive (text and QR code) in a gallery settings. Probably will use the code and create our title name as ‘jsut code’….

Here are some of the inspirational source:

QR cow
QR code cow: http://www.popwuping.com/art-design/qr-code-cow.php

QR chair
QR code chair: http://creativereview.co.uk/images/uploads/2010/10/569michael_eden_babel_vessel_1_0.jpg

QR wall
QR code wallpaper: http://design-milk.com/qrious-qr-code-wallpaper-by-rollout/

QR poster
QR code poster:  http://creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2010/october/lab-craft

QR story wallpaper
QR poem wall: http://smarchitecture.blogspot.com/2010/11/qr-code-wallpaper-read-coded-poem.html

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November 28, 2010